Malmö challenges the traditional performer and audience contract. Constantly on the move and playing a dynamic role in the show, the audience are at once voyeurs, conspirators and instigators of the drama that both envelops and entertains them.

An outwardly and upwardly mobile couple literally and physically invites the audience into their home. The couple give each audience member a copy of MALMÖ: Ideal Life magazine, within the pages of which their new home is featured.

Full of beauty and sophistication in stark contrast to the unfinished emptiness around them, MALMÖ: Ideal Life both inspires and validates the couple’s life together. Armed with this magazine the audience bears witness to and helps facilitate the couple’s act of Aspirational Suicide.

Facades are gradually peeled away to reveal the harsh reality of thwarted ambitions and unfulfilled dreams and desires.

Stripped back, raw and vulnerable amidst the rubble and turmoil of a mentally constructed renovation site, the couple and their audience embark on a physical and emotional journey of self discovery that asks the question: what is the true heart of human love?

An experiential tour through the pitfalls of home renovation, high end design and long term relationships.

“To say Malmö is ‘unexpected’ doesn’t do it justice. The artists in this piece are brilliant dancers with performance credibility that would turn many contemporary dancers green.  The most exciting experience you can have in theatre. Brutally real, moments of utter beauty and fragility surrounded by violence and heartbreak.”

Dene Kermond: Aussie Theatre